Principal Message

Loren Clark

Hello West Point Elementary Families!
     I am excited to be working with all of you as the principal at West Point Elementary.  I became the principal here in the summer of 2016, and I have been impressed with the committed families at students of West Point. I am also very impressed the commitment and professionalism of our West Point faculty and staff. Their focus is clearly on the students, and learning about how to enhance the learning process in their classrooms.
I feel that educators have one of the best and most challenging jobs in the world, and that the key to success is knowing how to empower each and every one of the students that come to our school. Knowing each student, their interests, strengths, and weaknesses- both social and academic- will help us to maximize their potential.  We want them to learn to develop greater independence and capabilities!
     As we start each school year, we will seek to assess what each child already knows in order to know where we need to start building. The input and involvement of parents is vital as we come to know each student. This knowledge assists us as we plan instruction and teach new skills/content at each grade level. Though the learning process is exciting and fun, it can also be challenging at times, but this is where learning occurs, and is the point at which students learn that they can do "hard things." As students develop independence, some will need additional enrichment, support, or accommodations, because each child is different.
     Integral to growth is attendance. If students are not present, we cannot fulfill our mission. Parents have many options and choices with regards to educating their children- home school, private school, or public schools, like charter schools and neighborhood schools, like us. Please remember that if you choose to enroll in a public school (neighborhood or charter), that the public is also committing funds that will be used in the education of your child. Respect their financial commitment to your child, and please make full attendance, and learning and growing a big priority in your family. Make an active commitment. Learning to show up on time and work hard, are habits that will last a lifetime.
     It is important to remember that as our students learn, making mistakes will always be part of the process.  Because learning requires risk-taking and a growing independence, we need to be ever mindful of each student as they discover better and newer ways of doing things. We never walked perfectly the first time we tried as an infant, and in like manner, we need to encourage and support the learning process. We are not only here to teach and care for them, but to be examples of “builders” and “learners” ourselves, remembering that each child is where we each were at one time.  What a wonderful opportunity and great responsibility we have to help you in teaching each one of them!
All of us at West Point Elementary appreciate all that you do for us here, either as a parent, volunteer, PTA member, Community Council member, business, or as a member of the larger school community. As a community, this is our school and we appreciate all you do to make it a great place! I would strongly encourage you to join the PTA. Once you make your PTA membership donation, you can choose to volunteer beyond that if you wish.  The funds that they raise and the enrichment and activities they provide for students and their families is wonderful!  Please make the basic membership donation if you have not already. I appreciate all of the time that the PTA Board and the Community Council members give to make our school a place where students are valued and given opportunities to discover their strengths. The Community Council is a representative board of parents, community members, and school staff that give us vital input on school/community matters, school funding and fundraising decisions, and the School Improvement Plan (SIP). As a community we help to build students that are caring, capable, responsible, respectful, and safe.
     At the beginning of every school year, we visit every classroom, and I enjoy sharing with students what I believe to be the three most important reasons for why we’re here at school: Learning, caring for one another, and having fun! I believe that as we focus on the first two, the third one will happen automatically. Learning- although challenging- can be an adventure and is fun! Your children are impressive, and we will work to do our best in helping them be their best! Please browse our web pages and learn about the terrific teachers, classrooms, and programs that are made available at West Point Elementary by our staff and local school community. Remember, as a neighborhood school, we belong to you! Aren't we lucky?!

Welcome to West Point Elementary!
Loren S. Clark