Digital Learning Plans

During the 2020-21 school year, there are a variety of circumstances that may necessitate that your child learns remotely for a time. Our school has prepared for these potential situations by creating a school-wide plan for digital learning for individual students being quarantined, whole classes being quarantined, or a whole school soft closure. See this document for our school's plan: 2020-21 West Point Elementary Remote Learning Plan.

Your child's teacher (listed below) will provide you with more detailed information in each situation so that your child's learning can continue despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Contact them directly for questions or concerns, or feel free to contact the school at 801-402-2750. Thank you for your support!


  • Ms. Bird
  • Ms. Downs
  • Ms. Hammons

1st Grade

  • Ms. Avery
  • Ms. Crookston
  • Ms. Guy
  • Ms. Helms
  • Ms. Pettitt/Ms. Randall

2nd Grade

  • Ms. Allington
  • Ms. Olsen/Ms. Denning
  • Ms. Horning
  • Ms. Kelley
  • Ms. Ricks

3rd Grade

  • Ms. Christensen
  • Ms. Neese
  • Ms. Kennington/Ms. Fowers
  • Ms. Thompson
  • Ms. Vaughan

4th Grade

  • Ms. Berry
  • Ms. Campbell
  • Ms. Clement
  • Ms. McDaniel
  • Ms. Schuh

5th Grade

  • Ms. Hulsey
  • Ms. Hunzeker
  • Ms. Langford
  • Ms. Owens
  • Ms. Sawyer

6th Grade

  • Mr. Hummel
  • Ms. Myers
  • Ms. Porter
  • Ms. Timpke
  • Ms. DeGroot

Special Education Teachers

  • Ms. Lovell-Waddell
  • Ms. Willard
  • Ms. Fleming
  • Ms. Arthurs

PE, Music, Art and Computer Science Teachers

  • Ms. Yilmaz (PE)
  • Ms. Kelley (Art)
  • Ms. Jessop (Computers)
  • Ms. Parkin (Music)